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Are you wanting the freedom to be fully present (and not worrying about financial stress) as your world is changing with this new little life?

Are you desiring to take time off in your business as you prepare for that new baby to be in this world?

Hello, you beautiful pregnant business owner mama!

I’ve taken the full process that I use with my clients and systemized it into one simple, easy-to-use spreadsheet (that’s even easy on the eyes), so you can easily plan for time away in your business. 

but I’ve helped so many of my 1:1 clients create this plan for their business...

Creating a financial plan for a maternity leave can feel scary and overwhelming

My Maternity Leave Financial Plan Spreadsheet creates an entire savings plan for you to take as much time off in your business as you want!

• How much you currently have saved

• How long you want your maternity leave to be

• How much you want to pay yourself during your time off

• What recurring expenses you are expecting to pay even while you’re away

• What you’re projected to make over the next few months based on your own specific Profit & Loss report

• How much you can save of your spouse or partner’s paycheck (or other family contributions)

• How much you want to save for extra expenses like a doula, chiropractic care, or all. the. baby products!

• Your total and monthly savings targets to break down your goals for small wins along the way!

This spreadsheet helps you analyze:

What's included:

Walkthrough Video

The Maternity Leave Financial Plan Spreadsheet template

You’ll need a Gmail account to download it in Google Sheets, but all of you Excel nerds can convert it, if you like!

A mini-course from our favorite giddy nerd, Madison, with exact guidance on how to use the spreadsheet

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are you ready to financially plan for your maternity leave in your business?

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I am a nerd who loves bookkeeping as much as I love a good midday dance party! I fully believe that it's equally as important to be professional with you as it is to laugh with you!

If you're here, you're looking for someone who is a fresh change from the stuffy bookkeeper you've always worked with. That's me! We're going to have fun together (yes, FUN!) reviewing your financial reports every month, as I empower you to understand your business' financial health. I promise to make you feel seen, heard and understood. This is the coolest bookkeeping fam you've ever gotten to be a part of!

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Immediately! Once you purchase, you’ll receive a PDF file that has links to the walkthrough video and the spreadsheet download.

How soon do I get access?

Obviously, the more time you’ve got to make this plan a reality, the better! You want as much time as possible to increase your profitability in your business & build up your savings. But you can do it as little as 2-3 months away from the baby being born.

How far out do I need to start prepping for my maternity leave?

It’s in Google Sheets, so you’ll need a free Gmail account to access your download. But you can convert it to Excel if that’s your jam. (Me, too!)

What format is the spreadsheet in?

It’ll be a lot harder, but yes! There is a section to input all of your Profit & Loss numbers, so at least have your average monthly revenue and your average monthly expenses ready to input! It’s much easier to reference a report that your bookkeeper gave you (or that you can pull from your accounting software) that shows your EXACT numbers for the most accurate planning!

Can I use this spreadsheet even if I don’t do my bookkeeping?

You’ll need how much money you currently have saved, a good understanding of your monthly recurring expenses and their amounts, and your average total revenue and expenses each month.

What information do I need to have in order to populate the template?

Yes! I’ve used this exact process with my clients for sabbaticals, vacations and plain-and-simple unplugged time away from their computers!

Can I use this spreadsheet for another type of leave in my business?

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