Bookkeeping should feel like spending an afternoon reading at your favorite indie bookstore.

The Business Book(keeping) Club

You stroll in, breathe in that addicting scent of books, chat with the owner for a book rec (while petting the bookstore goldendoodle), grab a vanilla latte from the small cafe and snuggle down into your favorite wide chair to start the first few chapters of your new book.




Are my numbers reliable?

I hope my CPA doesn’t ask too many questions…

Am I even doing this right?

Is there something I’m missing?

How can I check if I’ve duplicated something?

If you’re doing your bookkeeping yourself, you may have questions like:

We all know that if we have a business, we need to do bookkeeping.

 I don’t need to convince you of that.

And it probably doesn’t give you cozy feelings like the snuggly visual I just gave you up top.

Or you may be the gal that puts off bookkeeping for months at a time

(the revenue-generating activities naturally take precedence, I get it).

And then you turn into a monster wanting to pull all of your hair out for the entire week before April 15th because doing 12 months worth of bookkeeping is just…

… extremely stressful and anxiety-inducing.

But you just can’t seem to justify paying $600/month for the pros to knock it out for you month-over-month.

so if you wanna

> Learn how to make your bookkeeping a Click Party

Our students have shaved off so much time from their monthly (or weekly) bookkeeping routines.

When you finally get your bookkeeping down, it really can turn into a quick handful of clicks in a matter of minutes and then you’re ready to analyze your data (which we’ll also teach you how to do).

> Finally get setup in an accounting software

Yeah this is one of those book clubs where you’re welcome to come even if you haven’t read the book!

If you’ve never touched your bookkeeping, we have discounted setup services including linking your bank accounts, setting up your categories and even zipping over a Loom video to show you exactly how to use your new shiny software. (It’s like Cliff Notes but better.)

> Actually stick with it month over month

Stop pushing bookkeeping down to the bottom of your to-do list. We’re like the personal trainer who’s standing in the gym waiting for you to show up so you can make that progress you say you’re wanting. It’s the accountability you’ve been needing!

… come on in, we’re serving margs for this month’s book club meeting. 

(Or have some of the mocktail version if that’s your jam bc it’s mine too!)

A done-with-you monthly bookkeeping membership for the online business owner who wants to learn how to do their business bookkeeping and actually get it done each month. Throw in access to me (Madison, a financial expert with 10+ years in the accounting world) and my team of professional bookkeepers for questions, and it’s the monthly book club meeting you’ll never make up excuses to miss!

The Business Book(keeping) Club


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Manually importing transactions

How to format (and read!) your P&L

How to add or delete categories

A video library chock-full of money + bookkeeping resources

And me. Let’s just say I’ll stop at nothing to make sure your bookkeeping is working for you.

Study Hall - aka our monthly group calls to help you finish closing out last month’s books

Access to my team of pro bookkeepers to lean on for support and to answer any questions (or take over when you’re like… “it’s broken wahhh, can you fix this?!”)

Office hours each month - book 30 minutes with a bookkeeper for private questions (recordings provided afterward, too!)

What's included?

How to clear bank feeds for revenue / expenses

Fixing categorizing mistakes

How to enter the beginning balance for a credit card

Some examples of those video library resources:

What to give your CPA for tax filing

… and it’s literally growing every month because I make videos as people ask questions!

Oh! And did I mention there are a few bonuses, too?

A discounted rate for 1:1 bookkeeping services (we’ll help you get caught up on your books if you need!)

Bookkeeping SOS sessions: Trouble with your bookkeeping? Ask us a question and you’ll get a Loom video back so you can get over the hump. No more guessing games - woohoo!

Check out what we’ve got lined up for you!

January: Taxes

How bookkeeping and taxes go hand-in-hand and how to pull reports for your CPA each year

February: Categorization

Where to categorize common expenses and how creating bank rules shaves hours off your bookkeeping time!

March: Team Management

Can you really afford to outsource or hire? That’s what we’ll dig into!

This is a monthly membership, but we were so excited to have you that we went ahead and mapped out the entire year. These are topics you can take and apply to your own business to help make the bookkeeping process a whole lot easier.

With our guidance and support, you’ll be able to get this stuff down pat!

April: Evaluating ROI on Expenses

If you’re spending big money on investments, you should be getting a return on them… and I’ll teach you how to calculate that!

May: Systems

Learn how to get ready for summer break by putting your bookkeeping on a semi-auto pilot. 

June: Reading Financial Statements

Reading a P&L should be like reading your fave book for the third time - NOT like reading a foreign language romance novel.

July: Profit First

There’s a reason this is the go-to cash management system everyone is talking about these days. I’ll teach you the basics and how to finally implement it (with or without the bank accounts)!

August: Payroll

When you’ve got W-2 employees, it changes your bookkeeping. I’ll teach you the nuances of how to account for this!

September: Projections

It’s about time you learned how to create projections for your business based off of actual data that’s happened in the past! So freaking fun.

October: Protecting cash flow

We’ll tackle exactly what you need to do when you feel like cash is tight, and how to leave emotions out of it!

November: Business budget

Creating a business budget is non-negotiable, and I’ll teach you the easy way to put one together in one hour!

December: Financial goals 

You can’t create an annual marketing calendar without financial goals. We’ll clarify your sales goals based on what you need to bring home!

*Note: Topics are subject to change.

If you want to find more confidence, clarity, and a better understanding of your business finances…

you’ve just found the jackpot. 

Join The Business Book(keeping) Club and get access to trusted, reliable, resources you won’t find anywhere else! 

Let’s talk money, but make it fun

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> Financial Clarity + Control

No more guessing games with your finances. You’ll have a clear view of every dollar earned and spent. Your numbers become reliable data, not just numbers on a page. Making informed, strategic business decisions becomes second nature.

> Spending Less Time Tinkering

What if you could cut your bookkeeping time in half? Instead of long hours sorting receipts and reconciling accounts, you’ll zip through these tasks, freeing up precious time. Time that can be invested in revenue-generating activities OR just taking the day off for some well-deserved spa treatments.

> Savings $$

If you don’t need to spend money on hiring a professional bookkeeper, then don’t! This membership is the sweet spot of doing your own bookkeeping, while also having a team of trusted nerd besties to help you along the way.

Having clean + tidy books every single month will open the door for…

> Reduced Stress

Maybe this year we can forget that tax season even happened? Because that’s what’ll happen if your bookkeeping is already in order and you zip it right over to your CPA.

> Improve Cash Flow

No more freaking out about your savings balance dwindling. You’ll learn to anticipate and manage the slow and busy seasons of your business with a steady, reliable cash flow! 

> Access to Experts

Imagine having a financial expert in your corner anytime you need them. Stuck on a tricky transaction? Not sure if something’s actually tax deductible? Wanna meet 1:1 to fix something that looks sus in your books? We’re here for you. Mean it.

What our book club has done for other students is truly transformational. They’ve put in the work, learned how to systemize their bookkeeping and I’ve watched them confidently do their own books in a matter of minutes.

The Business Book(keeping) Club is a safe (and fun!) space for you to finally tackle & shorten the learning curve that comes with bookkeeping.

“You can ask a question at any time and someone will respond and HELP! Scheduling a one-on-one call is also a game-changer. Being able to ask questions and get actual steps and not just mediocre advice... dance party!”

- Ruby

After working solely with online service providers for almost 4 years (and heyo, being one myself!), I understand exactly what your business activity looks like.

And being in the accounting industry for a combined 20 years between me and my team, we have a wealth of knowledge paired with an uncanny knack for explaining complex topics in simple terms. We’re the bookkeepers you actually want to hang out with. (Sorry, CPA Gary. We still love you tho.)

> Do you actually understand my business?

I mean… were you even doing it before? This is dedicated time for accountability to actually get this done. No more waiting months and months to do your bookkeeping and spending HOURS catching up. 

If you don’t want to watch the videos, then don’t! Book a 1:1 call with a pro bookkeeper to ask your questions and we’ll get you squared away.

If you’re a video gal, there are simple, concise easy-to-watch videos that will get your bookkeeping buttoned up in no time.

But you should absolutely be showing up on calls. It’s one hour a month to dedicate to closing out your books and asking questions as they arise. (Plus, I put together some pretty sweet playlists for us to listen to… if I do say so myself. That’s a selling point, right?!)

> Isn’t this going to suck up more time for me to learn through videos and attend calls?

I know you're wondering...

100% yes. Every penny counts in your business, and I created this membership at an approachable budget level for you. It’s time to say buh-bye to waiting for the day you feel confident enough to spend $600 every month on done-for-you services.

When you could really be doing it yourself and you just need a lil’ guidance from your bookkeeping big sis.

> Is this within my budget?

Don't forget about those cozy bonuses!

A discounted rate for 1:1 bookkeeping services (we’ll help you get caught up on your books if you need!)

> We do admit - sometimes you need a little DFY moment to kickstart everything. We’ll get it all organized and then pass it off to you to maintain each month!

Bookkeeping SOS sessions: Trouble with your bookkeeping? Ask us a question and you’ll get a Loom video back so you can get over the hump. No more guessing games - woohoo!


Can’t afford a bookkeeper right now, but is willing to put in the work to DIY it (you just need a little help getting there!)

Wants to work with someone who makes numbers…well, not suck

Knows you need better bookkeeping

Has high-ticket offerings

Has relatively low expenses and a small enough amount of monthly transactions (100 or less ish)

How do I know The Business Book(Keeping) Club is right for me?

You want to be smart with your time and your money. I’m proud of you for stewarding your resources well! And as a bookkeeper myself, I can appreciate being money-mindful!

But you have my word…if you’re an online business owner who:

Then you’ll love what we’re creating inside the Book(keeping) Club!

(P.S. — While this membership is mostly geared towards brand + web designers, copywriters, educators, VAs, OBMs, and tech specialists, anyone with an online business can benefit from what we teach inside.)

meet madison

Hi, friend! I'm Madison.

I am a nerd who loves bookkeeping as much as I love a good midday dance party! I fully believe that it's equally as important to be professional with you as it is to laugh with you.

If you're here, you're looking for someone who is a fresh change from the stuffy bookkeeper you've always worked with. That's me! 

We're going to have fun together (yes, FUN!) learning how to “keep your books” and how to understand the numbers as they relate to your business's financial health. 

I promise to make you feel seen, heard, and understood. This is the coolest “book club” you've ever gotten to be a part of!

Let’s get you monthly learning, resources, and support that make you feel confident with your cash — and the future of your business

i'm in! sign me up

“I love being able to pick Madison’s brain in both a group and private setting!! I’m getting to learn even more from questions from the group calls, too!”

- laura

“I enjoy budgeting and looking at numbers doesn't scare me, but there's still so much I don't know. Being a part of TBBC has been so helpful! I've made it a regular practice to actually reconcile my books & categorize my expenses. No question is too silly (and there's no judgment ever!) & Madison (and her team) take the time to explain bookkeeping in simple terms.” 

- Hannah

“Although hiring a bookkeeper to do things for you is probably on a lot of people's wish lists, TBBC is the next best thing! You do things yourself, but with the help of an incredible team.” 

- Ruby

It’s time for you to actually
finish your TBR list
get your bookkeeping done each month!

Cross my heart - it’s my deepest promise to get you there, and maybe even get you to love it along the way!

come join us!