For CEO women who want their financial reports handed to them, so they can focus on increasing profitability.

I'm the fun & approachable go-to bookkeeper for creative online business owners!


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Did you decide to DIY your own books, but then quickly get sick of getting lost in YouTube tutorials? I got you. My blog is bursting with tips and tricks to understand your accounting software and make bookkeeping *gasp*... fun! 


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Done-for-you bookkeeping that makes you feel like the boss of your company... finally! Giving your bookkeeping to an expert means you can make the big business decisions based on accurate numbers, and completely kick-start your profitability!

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Imagine sitting down to your computer each week as the CEO, being handed your financial reports and completely understanding what they mean. THEN promptly making marketing, operational and organizational decisions that will further increase your profitability!

Ready to start taking yourself seriously as a business owner, my friend?

You have no idea what your bottom line number is, only the number on your bank statement at the end of the month. Did you actually have good sales and a healthy amount of expenses? Do you understand which streams of revenue are making you the most $$$?

You didn't get into business to play around in Excel or QuickBooks.

you can feel it's time to create space for you to put your creative energy back into your business.

What are your people opening their wallets for?

You're sick of the constant loom of bookkeeping not getting done month after month, and feeling a huge burden at the beginning of each year when it's time to file last year's taxes.

You're continually worrying about if your bookkeeping is good enough for the IRS.

You understand it, and you might even enjoy it, but you just don't know if you're doing it right!

You're spending too much time doing your own bookkeeping each month, because your sales have exploded!

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let's be friends!

I am a nerd who loves bookkeeping as much as I love a good midday dance party! I fully believe that it's equally as important to be professional with you as it is to laugh with you!

If you're here, you're looking for someone who is a fresh change from the stuffy bookkeeper you've always worked with. That's me! We're going to have fun together (yes, FUN!) reviewing your financial reports every month, as I empower you to understand your business' financial health. I promise to make you feel seen, heard and understood. This is the coolest bookkeeping fam you've ever gotten to be a part of!

Hi, friend! I'm Madison.


— Elizabeth M.

Anyone reading this who needs a bookkeeper... Madison is the best! She is so helpful and REALLY gets you as a business owner."

— Josh & Leslie, Cornerstone Design Co.

Madison has been a blessing to us and our business. She has prayed for us, encouraged us, and helped us in SO MANY ways through our journey as a business.

— Sarah D.

Madison is the most delightful bookkeeper. She has a total heart to serve women in business, and she does it with excellence!