Hey there! I'm Madison.

I help online business owners who spend way too much time doing their bookkeeping.

I live in Houston, Texas and my happy habit is getting breakfast tacos from the little place down the road from my house.

I'm a wife, mama and business owner just like you. I show up every single day to create the best life for myself and my family, and I desire to live a life of abundance.

Say hello to your new favorite nerd friend!

When I took my first accounting class in college, I knew it was going to be my jam. I then proceeded to take every single accounting class the University of New Mexico (go, Lobos!) had to offer, and graduated with my Bachelor's of Accounting. I worked for a small non-profit right out of college, then transitioned to a Top 10 CPA firm where I worked for three years. Three years of drinking out of a fire hydrant and gaining so. much. knowledge. that I bring to the table in my business now every day. After working there, I was hired at a non-profit ministry radio station where I got to put my accounting skills to work in a place where I knew the Lord is doing big things.

I did the whole public accounting thing, and also the whole working for someone else thing. God had other plans.

I made the leap from working for someone else to opening the doors to Madison Dearly. It felt so natural, and it still does. Getting to serve my clients truly feels like opening up my home for me to serve however I can. I'm a cheerleader & a confidante, and I have a way of making people feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable.
We're all just humans in this crazy life together. 

And yet... there was still unrest in my heart... a purpose unfulfilled.

My dream of owning my own bookkeeping business was born when I was in college. After having my second baby, it was so unmistakably clear that God was calling me to my OWN ministry,

to serve business owners who need my expertise and sunshine.

Oh yeah, and I also get my clients some SOARING profitability. That never hurts, right?!

My morning & evening routines... I'm a total skincare junkie!

Dancing! I was a competitive dancer & danced for my college team! I'm a big believer in midday dance parties.

Journaling & reading my Bible before the kids wake up

My husband, Dale & two kiddos, Sadie Belle and Nolan

I'm reallyyyy passionate about...


Proudly serving business owners using the wealth of knowledge that I've accumulated over my career!


Gave birth to Nolan John in our home!

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Welcomed our daughter, Sadie Belle, into the world!


Started working for a non-profit ministry radio station as an accountant

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Started working at a Top 10 public accounting firm


Had a dream wedding with my hunk of a husband!


Graduated from the University of New Mexico


Won Miss New Mexico and competed for Miss America

My Timeline

Where I've been...

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albuquerque, nm
my hometown!


Drunk Elephant


mostly any red wine, but my fave is chianti!


the other boleyn girl - my fave book of all time!


friends! yep, i'm part of that club.

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My Favorite Things

Guilty Pleasure:

my mom's homemade lemon bars!

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At home!

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