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Ditch the "I'll figure it out later", and gift your books to your new favorite nerd friend.

A done-for-you service for online business owners who want to clearly and accurately see their financial reports.

monthly bookkeeping services

And to be completely honest, bookkeeping is below your pay grade. You're the CEO, so why should YOU be number crunching on a Sunday afternoon?! (I know you've done it before.)

I do it all for you! From getting every transaction into your software, adding any necessary details for strategy purposes, running beautiful, easy-to-read, SIMPLE reports, and delivering them to you on-time every month with helpful stats and encouragement.

and you already know in your gut that I'm way different from the other bookkeepers you've worked with before.

Every single month, you can count on me to give you clear and consistent, accurate financial reports to help guide your decision-making.

a report dropped into your inbox every month on the 15th

living in abundance from increased profits

peace from knowing it's done

setting aside several days each month to do it yourself

stuck in survival mode

overwhelmed & anxious


Go from...

— brooke j.

"Madison was everything I didn't know I needed. I've continued to surpass income goals since hiring her as my bookkeeper because I finally get to outsource what i don't do best!"

One-on-one monthly bookkeeping calls over Zoom. This is my favorite hangout of the month! We'll dive deeper into your financial reports, and I'll make sure you leave every meeting feeling completely confident in knowing your numbers.

• Tidy & simple financial reports that make you actually go, "Ohhhh, I get it now!" and spur you to make specific, strategic decisions moving forward! Always delivered on the 15th of the month so you have timely information right in your inbox.

Additional fun reports that help you see a different picture! Some of them include "Sales by Product", "Expenses by Category", and even cool reports like "Spring Launch Snapshot" that can let you know how your launch day performed!


Inputting all of your transactions so you can see a crystal clear picture of how your business performed last month.

• Categorizing all expenses for maximum tax benefits using my expertise and knowledge of the industry! 

• Detailed breakdown of sales so you can see exactly what you sold and how much of it. This will help you cut the cord on parts of your business that aren't bringing in the $$$ like you thought! 


What's included:

Services start at $600 per month.

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Isn't it time you got this weight off your shoulders and started growing your business?