Pay Yourself template

What's Included


A video tutorial with how to customize for your needs recorded by our head bookkeeper, Madison.


The Details

You’ll get the most out of this resource if you know your recurring revenue, planned launches, and any upcoming services you are providing for contracted clients. On the flip side, it’s the same with expenses! The more you know about potential recurring costs (like hiring a new contractor or upgrading your software), the better.

What info do I need to use this template?


Absolutely! It’ll help you plan ahead with that semi-annual Target run for office supplies, business travel, and hiring the occasional expert, like a copywriter or funnel pro.

Can this help track somewhat random expenses, too?

Any business owner will find this very helpful, so yes! You’ll want to sync up with your bookkeeper for your latest numbers.

If I outsource bookkeeping already, is this a good fit for me?

It’s in Google Sheets, so you’ll need a free Gmail account to access your download. But you can convert it to Excel if that’s your jam. (We loveeeee Excel over here!)

What format is the spreadsheet in?

Right away. Once you purchase, everything is delivered right to your inbox.

How soon do I get access?


5 ways bookkeeping can save you money

It's tough to know if hiring a bookkeeper will actually take you financially further, right? After all, doesn't a bookkeeper simply show you where you spent all your money? *shudders* Yeah, that doesn't sound fun. 

Look, that may be what your dad's stuffy old bookkeeper does, but we do things a bit differently around here. Because we serve brand and website professionals in the online space, we've accumulated some major industry insight that regularly saves our clients $$$.

Want to see how it happens? (Trust us, you do.)