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Bookkeeping Tips

5 Bookkeeping Habits to Build

Picture your house for a moment. The routines you follow, like unloading the dishwasher in the morning or doing a daily load of laundry from start to finish (goals, amirite?!), keep things organized and make life run more smoothly. Now, think about your business; it’s like a home for your finances. In this blog post, […]

Bookkeeping Tips

How Bookkeeping Helped Stephanie Kase Work in Her Zone of Genius (And Grow Her Biz!)

Ever feel too bogged down with backend work to focus on the things that light you up? You aren’t alone, friend. It’s something SO MANY business owners feel.  Because there’s so much admin work to catch up on — payroll, taxes, responding to emails, and literally all the things in between — it may start to feel […]

Bookkeeping Tips

4 Xero Features That Make Bookkeeping So Much Easier

When it comes to keeping your books up to date, it’s all about choosing the best tools. And for most of us, that means accounting software. So…which one should you choose? It’s no secret that I love Xero. It’s my favorite program to recommend to clients — and it’s what my team and I use […]

Bookkeeping Tips

How Ashlyn Writes Beat the Bookkeeping Drama

Ever wondered what really goes down when you work with a bookkeeper? Or what kind of transformation you can expect from having a little accounting help on your side? Whether you’re a business coach, a course creator, a graphic designer, or a copywriter extraordinaire, a bookkeeper can 100% help you out! Thinking about hiring your […]

Bookkeeping Tips

Payroll Vs. Bookkeeping: Which One Do You Need for Your Online Business?

*This blog contains affiliate links. While we do earn a small commission if you use our link, the price doesn’t change for you. Also, we only recommend products and services we love!* When it comes to the financial side of running an online business, there are TONS of terms thrown around — CPA, accountant, bookkeeper, taxes, […]

Bookkeeping Tips

LLC Vs. S-Corp: Which One is Right for Your Creative Business?

I’m an accounting and bookkeeping nerd. It’s no wonder I talk about LLCs vs. S-Corps so much. I find them so fascinating!!  But I also recognize that what’s interesting for me may not be interesting to you too — especially if you’re a creative entrepreneur. You’d rather spend your time actually doing the things, whether […]

Bookkeeping Tips

Bookkeeping For Coaches & Course Creators: How to Handle an Increase in Sales

Welcome to the third and final installment of the “Bookkeeping For…” series — all about how to do your bookkeeping based on your industry. We’ve talked about brand and web designers and copywriters, and now it’s time for business coaches and online educators to shine! That’s right — if you’re a business coach, a mastermind […]

Bookkeeping Tips

Bookkeeping Basics For Copywriters: How to Manage Your Expenses Like a Pro

We’re in the middle of our “Bookeeping For…” series — all about how to bookkeep based on your industry. We’ve talked about brand and web designers, and today comes our next installment: Bookkeeping for copywriters! Why is this “Bookeeping For…” series so important? Because we need to make sure that our finances and our bookkeeping […]

Bookkeeping Tips

Bookkeeping Basics For Brand and Web Designers: How to Keep Your Expenses in Check

This post marks the start of something beautiful…something amazing…something I think you’re going to love a whole lot… A BRAND NEW YouTube series all about how to sort out the basics of your books as a creative.  I’ll be covering several different industries — like copywriting and online educators — but today, it’s all eyes on […]