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Accounting Tips

The First Thing to Do When Starting a Business

All right, business owners. Let’s get into it — how are your finances looking? I’m not talking about your revenue, expenses, or profits (find that discussion here) — I’m talking about your literal financial setup. That means your bank accounts! And the million-dollar question is … do you have separate bank accounts for your business […]

Accounting Tips

What’s the Best Way to Pay Contractors? (Hint: Not With Venmo!)

Be honest — are you using Venmo to pay contractors? I know, I know, Venmo is easy to use and it’s fun to explain your transactions with emojis. But it’s not an appropriate way to pay your contractors. Honestly? Pretty much any other payment option is a better choice than Venmo.  So let’s talk about […]

Accounting Tips

How (and Why) to Read a P&L Report

Spend any time learning about business finances, and you’ll hear a LOT about the P&L. But what even is a P&L? Why do you need one? And how on earth do you read it? P&L stands for Profit & Loss. And that’s what this report shows — the financial gains and losses in your business. […]

Accounting Tips

How Many Bank Accounts Does Your Online Business Need?

Banking. It’s probably not the first (or most fun) thing you think about when growing your online business. Money comes in, money goes out. As long as you’re “in the black,” you’re good, right? While that’s true — you want to be profitable! — there are also a few ways banking can help you grow […]