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5 Financial Considerations to Think About Before Hiring a New Employee

I know exactly where you are, my friend. You’ve worked hard to grow your business. Things are clicking along, and it’s time to hire a new team member to help you keep up with all the work clients keep throwing your way. What’s the next step? Well, first off, take a minute to congratulate yourself! […]


Is It Time to Discontinue Your Product or Service?

Is your offer — whether it’s a digital product, 1:1 service, or group program — not performing like you wanted it to? Are you wondering if it’s time to discontinue your product or service?  It’s a sticky situation. I’ve been there, and most of the business owners I know have too. You pour so much […]

Budgeting, Finances, Planning

How to Plan for Maternity Leave as an Online Business Owner

Got a baby on the way? Whether you’re due in a few months or planning ahead for a few years in the future, you’re probably wondering what maternity leave looks like if you’re a business owner. Can you even take time away at all? Absolutely! I’ve taken maternity leave, and I’ve helped several of my […]


Planning for a Large Business Purchase: What to Know

Think about the last time you wanted something in your personal life. Maybe it was a new brand-name bag, a new TV, or a new couch. These things aren’t just chump change — they’re pretty expensive. I don’t know about you, but I don’t just have extra thousands of dollars lying around. All my money […]